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In order to start a campaign you need to register. Please register here.

  • Minimum requirements
    • Speak, read and write in English 
    • Meet the minimum requirements of the course or degree you want to study
    • Provide a certified copy of Identity Document (ID) if South African or Passport if non-South African
    • 18 years and older
    • Social media presence  (100 followers in total across all platforms ) – submit screenshot of followers
    • Total funding required does not exceed R50 000 per campaign
    • Certified copies of all previous qualifications.
  • Once the project is sufficiently funded, you will receive your funds, less the 4.5% of the final amount funded, which goes to UpLiftMe, and less the payment processing fee of 3.5%.
  • Per calendar year, no more than 2 campaigns of less than 4 months duration, or 1 campaign to a maximum of 1 year will be allowed to be registered. This allows you time to apply what you have learnt and when you have embedded your skills, you can register your next campaign. 

Complete the form with the relevant information.

No more than 2 campaigns of less than 4 months, or 1 project to a maximum of 1 year per year- this allows you time to apply what you have learnt and when you have embedded your skill, you can then register another campaign. 

In your write up, be sure to include information such as:

  • what is the course/degree about
  • the duration of the course/degree
  • information about the institution at which the course be held (e.g. location and accreditation)
  • how much  of funds do you require
  • how much of funds will you be contributing to the course/degree , if any (e.g. cost of the transport, accommodation, meals, etc.)
Your campaign will be reviewed and you will be contacted via email if any additional information is required or if your campaign cannot be featured on the website (reasons will be provided). Once your campaign is approved to feature on the website, you will be required to submit the relevant documents.

Upload a short video telling us your story

We are interest in why it means so much to you to attend this course or study this degree. Keep your video short and simple (less than 2 min). You can follow this simple guideline:

  • introduce yourself (your name, age, where you are from, likes, dislikes)
  • what are some of your strengths
  • what skill/s do you want to attain
  • why is it important for you to get this skill/s
  • what will it mean to you if you become competent in this skill/s
Remember to record a good quality video but small enough to upload with ease. It is recommended that you upload your video on a site such as Youtube or similar and then insert the link when uploading your campaign. 

Share your campaign on your social media platforms

Once your campaign has been approved to feature on the platform, you must pay attention to marketing it. The more people are aware of your campaign, the more likely you are at reaching your target funding. This is an important part of the process. Spend time on creating awareness of your campaign and providing feedback  during and after the process. 

You can start by sharing the link with family and friends via your social media platforms. The links will be available for you to do so, once your campaign is registered. UpLiftMe will market your campaign and the platform holistically, which will further enhance your marketing efforts. 

  • Receive your funds once your target is reached

Once your target funding goal has been reached or exceeded, the payment process will be initiated. 

  • payment is made through the Payfast payment channel
  • funds will be transferred into your account once target is achieved 
  • communicate to your backers to thank them for supporting you
  • send them a picture of the certificate or write a review of your experience of the course 
  • if you receive money in excess of your target- you keep it. But let your backers know how you have used this excess money to uplift yourself