Frequently Asked Questions

Crowdfunding is when many people contribute a small amount of money to a greater cause that either impacts a life, community or the economy.

There are four main types of crowdfunding:

  1. Debt-based crowdfunding
  2. Rewards-based crowdfunding
  3. Equity-based crowdfunding
  4. Donation-based crowdfunding

UpLiftMe is a donation-based crowdfunding platform, where the only reward you may receive is a “Thank you”. We do, however, encourage our campaign owners to provide feedback.

  1. Tell your potential backers your story. Why do you have a passion to pursue this skill and how do you think it will impact your life.
  2. Take note that you need to raise your target funds within the specified timeframe. So set a target that is reasonable and achievable. Where possible, indicate to your potential backers, how much of funds you are willing to commit to. They are more likely to support you if they see you are committed.
  3. Create awareness of your campaign through all communication channels available to you, e.g. social media, social gatherings, email and word of mouth.
  4. Provide regular updates to your backers. Inform them of what you are trying to do to make your campaign a success. The more effort they see on your part, the more likely they are to further support you.
  5. Be courteous and polite to your backers. Send them communication on your progress and experience of the course once you have attended.
  6. Most important of all – be honest! Don’t mislead your backers. Utilise the funds for the intended purpose. This will allow your backers to learn to trust you more over time and give you good reviews. Good reviews will allow your future campaigns to be more successful.

No, this is a donation-based crowdfunding platform, hence you are not required to pay back the money. You are however, expected to use the money with integrity and attend the course as you communicate to your backers. Remember, your backers have a level of trust in you, hence they are supporting you. Don’t waste the opportunity.

If your target funding goal is not reached, you will not receive any money. The money from all the backers will be returned to them. Money will only flow when the target funding goal is reached within the specified timeframe. So ensure you place a reasonable timeframe to raise the required funds.

Unfortunately not. You will pledge money and once the campaign reaches its target funding goal, your full pledge amount will be debited.

There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can support. The more you support, the better.

You will only be allowed to register a maximum of 2 campaigns per year, at least 6 months apart. This allows you some time to apply the skills you have learnt before advanced it or attempting another.

You can cancel your pledge if the campaign has not yet reached its target funding goal. However, it this goal is reached, you will be unable to get a refund.