Shifting women from disadvantaged to advantaged, leading them from SURVIVE to THRIVE.

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Johannesburg, South Africa


This Mandela Day, Muslimahs Making a Difference aims to provide 67 women from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to turn their lives around.
This includes all the skills they require to earn an income with dignity and provide for their families and children who are the future leaders of our society.
The training includes counseling, coaching, marketing strategies, communication skills, social media and online business training, financial management, customer service, personal growth and development, goal setting, health and wellness and much more.
This takes place over 5 days and includes practical training, project management and certification as an official Drink Pink ambassador.
The approximate cost of this project is R7000 per woman and includes follow up support and a progress file for each participant which the donors have access to.
 EMPOWER a woman and you EMPOWER a nation.
 Service to humanity is the rent we pay on God’s land.


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