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I am Hector Light Shakoae,im 24 years of age.i completed my matric in 2015 amd studied mechanical engineering from 2016 to 2017.due to lack of jobs i ended up assisting in the near school with mathematics from 2018 to 2019 where i the love and passion for assisting children,for teaching grew stronger

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Mpumalanga,bushbuckridge, South Africa

Good day,i am hector light shakoane.i was suppose to be registered for my second year in Northwest university however NSFAS has not yet paid my previous fees and has not confirmed my funding for 2021.I am doing Bachelor of Education in Life sciences.i have passed all my first year modules  with 11distinctions and an average of 79.9%.i am currently conditionaly registered and might end up taking a gap year again.please assist me where you can.i have passion for moulding the younger generations and seeing them grow through the knowledge i share with them.


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