Finishing My Honours Degree

Please help donate towards my outstanding 2020 fees. Thank you in advance.

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My name is Siyasanga Jokwe. I am a compassionate, creative, and reliable individual.
Applying unique ideas to alter or transform processes inflames me. I am driven to deliver good results.
I constantly seek to equip myself with knowledge and new skills that boost my competence as a societal member through both formal and informal training.
Simply put, improving my performance is a constant battle with self.

Everyone wakes up in the morning hoping to achieve something in life.
That something is what keeps all of us going every day.
For me, it is my strong desire to contribute to society.
I believe the best way to do that is by helping the society understand the earth’s mechanism and how to maximize its potential to not just complement our lives but to make them better.
Hence, my choice to pursue a BSc honours degree in environmental geology. In a nutshell, environmental geology is a science which objectively studies geologic information and applies it to contemporary environmental problems such as pollution, waste management, resource extraction, natural hazards, and human health.
Environmental geology is a fundamentally important branch of science as it directly impacts every single person on the planet every single day. Well, there is simply no way to avoid the environment around you.

By continuing with the BSc Honours degree my aim is to consolidate and deepen my expertise in environmental geology and to develop my research capacity in the methodology and techniques of this discipline. As a postgraduate specialization qualification, it will prepare me for further research-based study at a postgraduate level. It will also help me develop a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence.
The degree, in conjunction with practical, post qualification experience, also serves as the minimum entry requirement for registration as a professional natural scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP). It will help familiarise me with contemporary, primary, and classic literature in the discipline and the resources available. As an aspiring professional, it will assist me develop the ability to generate and to interpret data.
It will equip me with critical reading skills. Moreover, it will help me improve my scientific writing skills


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