#Operation Sassa

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Gauteng, South Africa
Hundreds of people queue daily from 5am at thousands of post offices and SASSA offices, eagerly awaiting the R350 SASSA grant to survive.
Some are elderly, frail and have various health challenges and the long stand in the sun takes a toll on even the young ones.
UBUNTU is the spirit of unity in diversity that we South Africans are admired for.
Muslimahs Making a DIFFERENCE and The Caring Women’s Forum have embarked on a campaign to ease the hunger and thirst of our fellow South Africans.
Help us help the people of our country by providing them with a #SASSA pack for only R50. This includes drinking water, 2 sandwiches or a hot meal, fruit and nutritious snacks.
Quench the thirst and satiate the hunger of our fellow South Africans.
Together we will rise.
Pledge your contributions of just R50 a day for the next 10 days. Encourage your friends and family to join in the spirit of UBUNTU and teach your children social responsibility from a tender age.
Co-ordinate this project in your area and Make a Difference.
“Service to humanity is the rent we pay on God’s Land”
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