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Gauteng, South Africa
Drink Pink 5 day Intensive Training
Entrepreneurship is an integral component of the empowerment projects at Muslimahs Making a Difference. Drink Pink is our exclusive brand of bottled water that affords single mums with an opportunity to earn an income with dignity as opposed to being dependent on welfare organizations.
They are also required to assist cancer patients with a percentage of their profits. Our members will receive an intense 5 day training programme which will equip them with all the skills and resources required for Entrepreneurship as well as personal growth and development.
This will be facilitated from the 5th October 2020 to the 9th October 2020 at the Camelot Training College in Houghton and is a collaboration between Muslimahs Making a Difference and Conscious Creativity.
The training is valued at R11000 per member and entails the following:
Day 1:
-Drink Pink Introduction
-What makes an excellent distributor?
-Guidelines for distributors
-Work ethics
-How to get started as a distributor.
Marketing Strategies : stores, hospitals, schools, campaigns, events.
Day 2:
-The Franchise Opportunity : how to draft a proposal, communication ethics, setting up an appointment, presentation, follow-up strategies.
Social Media Marketing 101: how to use social media to attract customers and boost sales.
Financial management :
presentation by Albaraka/Absa/FNB
Advertising : different streams, innovative strategies.
Day 3:
Customer is King:
-Building a client relationship
– Customer expectation
-Service delivery 101
-One to One Sales
-Email marketing
-Step by step guidelines for each project
Day 4:
-Personal growth and wellness
-The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop
-Creative design
Day 5:
-Team building
Please contribute generously to this project and Make a Difference in the lives of our mothers and sisters.
“Service to humanity is the rent we pay on God’s Land”
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