Up-Lift my Law Career

I am in my late 20’s. BA degree in Motion Picture. Looking for a new start.

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Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi everybody,

My name is Lucy Stuurman.

My story is a common one as it pertains to having a full-circle moment. When in high school, I worked pretty hard to get my Language subjects and Science marks to a good point to gain Varsity Entrance. I had a feeling that I would have liked a medical career but I did not have enough distinctions to make that a reality. I then went into Emergency Medicine but did not have the required stamina. I then had to rethink a few things. The decision I was about to make would affect my entire life and I would have to deal with the consequences if I had picked the wrong career. Frustrated, my parents enrolled me in a degree program for motion picture and that was my life. After a few jobs, I felt uneasy about my future in the industry and how fickle the industry is. There are no unions for South African Film and Television and it’s a fight to the finish. I found myself unhappy in the industry. This was a bad place for me but the best place I could have found myself in.

I know myself well enough to understand my growth and my abilities. I then started to revisit all the options that I hadn’t looked at in over 7 years. Obviously, what I thought I wanted when I was 18 was different 10 years later but my core beliefs and willingness to help and learn more had not changed. It was then that I realized I need a change and a change is what I am in the pursuit of.

I hope to raise funds to do a course in paralegal studies and put that knowledge towards a new career in Law. As I previously said, my willingness to learn and to help people has never changed so being in an environment where helping people is my job is exactly what I need.


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