WealthSpaces Restaurant Fund

WealthSpaces is raising funds for the many restaurants in South Africa that need help in paying their staff, as a result of the devastating effects of Covid 19.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi everyone, as we all know this is a really unprecedented time for our country and the world at large. The Corona Virus has affected millions globally not only from a health perspective but has it has also disturbed our economic stability. We appreciate the government, corporates and you for the great strides in making funds available to assist small businesses and people in need. This pandemic has been more devastating that we could have ever imagined, and has resulted in us needing to do more to ensure that people’s livelihoods are not taken away from them and ensure that people don’t lose the ability to provide for their families. Restaurants are among some of the small businesses that have been affected the most throughout this pandemic, as WealthSpaces we really see the need to help restaurants during this time. WealthSpaces has created this fund and with your help we can assist the various restaurants and coffee shops around SA that need that injection to pay staff and ensure that families are not left destitute. We appreciate every contribution that is made, we are in this together.

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