Students – This is Your Call to Action.

After weeks of hard-earned relaxation, you, the former grade 12 learner, have finally received your matric results. For most of you, it’s a cause of celebration, symbolizing the end of an important part of your life and the beginning of the life that you have dreamed of as a young student. You have put in blood, sweat, and tears in the hopes that it would one day pay off, and these results are the start of your hard work bearing fruits. We know that you are filled with ambition. You have voices that make statements and minds that hold the keys to our future. The world is as eager to see what you can do as you are to show it.

But before you dive in, head first, you need to arm yourselves with as much knowledge as you possibly can. And for many of you, that next step is university or college. That ultimate haven of knowledge and skills that will set you up to succeed. We know that it isn’t an obligation. We know that you have the genuine thirst for knowledge and passion to pursue it, that you long to walk through those doors and grow academically and skillfully. The importance of uplifting yourself can never be emphasized enough.

However, there is one obvious hurdle. One that could stand between a student and a degree or diploma. One that could prevent a student from amplifying her or his voice to be heard. One that could prevent valuable skills from being gained.


It’s a never-ending story. You desperately want to study to better your life, to pursue your dream, to contribute to society, but can’t because you can’t afford it. Stats SA has reported that almost 45% of youth don’t have the financial means to study, even though they are willing. Further studies all over the internet also highlight the concerns of industries regarding skills shortage. We’ve heard enough. We know what the problem is.

And now, we have the means to tackle it.

Although there is not a golden solution, UpliftMe wants to help. Tell us why you want to study. Show us that you have the ambition, passion, and tenacity to make a statement in this messy world. Show us that you will do everything you can to equip yourself as best as you can to create a better life. And we at UpliftMe will be more than happy to be the stepping stone between you and your future. To the life you have the drive to chase.

Let us help you uplift yourself.

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

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