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To create your own future or wish upon a shooting star?

Skills development is priority for our young people but is often limited to going to school and university
and to finally end up with a job. We constantly hear of the rate of unemployment in the country. Yet for
most of our lives, we’ve been conditioned to think of our lives in a singular way – educate yourself and
get a job. And if you don’t- you’re unsuccessful. Are you really?

David Wilson recently published an article in the Entrepreneur Magazine, discussing how skills
development is not limited to education in preparation for an existing job. It can also be developing skills
for entrepreneurship and creating your own job. You may possibly be sitting with an idea in your mind
but not sure on how to make it into a business. It might be a good idea to attend a course on how to
start a business. Not only will it give you tools to start-up, it can create a networking opportunity with
like-minded people.

A successful business in no way implies that it has to generate millions of Rands. It must be a means for
you to live the life you want! I know of a young lady who studied a psychology degree, but instead chose
to use her photography skills to earn an income in her household. Whilst many may frown at the
thought, she is happy and living the life she wants. In my view, she is successful. If you don’t believe me,
have a look for yourself – Shanay Choonilall’s Photography.

I know very well that the thought of using your skills to start a business can be quite overwhelming.
Nobody said it was easy. It comes with dedication, commitment and passion. If you have these, then all
is not lost if you are unable to secure a job at a company. Use your skills to empower yourself. Not sure
what skills or strengths you have, click here to find out. Take your life into your own hands and create
your own future. Wishing upon a shooting star, is just that – a wish.


Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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