What is your story?

Everyone has a story to be told. Through this website, I have shared mine. It was one of difficulty, uncertainty and no doubt challenging in many ways. My mum relied on her knitting skills to clothe, feed and educate us to the best of her ability. We were surrounded by family and friends who watched our story unfold and supported us whenever they could.

When I wanted to study a university degree, I was ready to take a student loan. Even though I knew that paying it back (and the compounding interest) would  set me back a few years. Looking back, I know that I was very fortunate to have family who cared enough to pay for 3 years of my university fees. What a blessing! I think they saw the belief I had in myself and my determination to make my dreams come true. And maybe they believed in my future story.

What did I have to offer in return? My utmost respect! I was totally committed to  passing my degree. So I worked diligently every single day because I did not want to waste the opportunity. I also wanted to show my gratitude for my family’s support by giving off my best – and I did. That was the only way I could say “Thank you”.

Now it is time to pay it forward. UpLiftMe gives you the opportunity to tell your story. Tell the world why they should believe in you. Allow people to give you a fighting chance at making your dreams come true. What is your story?


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